Can I Work Out On A Vegan Diet?

The world has seen such an increase in vegan body builders, but very little information is available on becoming one. We all know and have heard it before about how your diet plays the most important role to achieve your fitness goals when you work out. Following a vegan diet will certainly bring you lots of noticeable benefits including increased energy and faster recovery time after exercising. I loved watching The Game Changers to learn more about the science behind these benefits.

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Here’s another one you’ve heard before, ‘no pain, no gain’. Now that you are following a strictly vegan diet, the first step of the process is to commit some time to planning and preparing your meals to ensure they do not include any animal based products. Remember, you will feel higher energy levels, so will potentially be pushing yourself harder than before. One great vegan muscle diet quiz can be found here.

Pre and post work out vegan nutrition is widely available, as well as meal plans, subscription boxes and a lots of amazing vegan protein powders. It is important that you plan your meals effectively and ensure you are getting the right balance of all nutrients, as your body takes time to adjust from a meat based diet to an amazingly refreshing plant based vegan one.

Fortunately, we have teamed up with our friends at Vegan Muscle Diet, who have used lots of science and studies, to create personal vegan diet plans specifically for building muscle. They are amazing for both men and women, looking to make sure they get the correct nutrition.

Here are some great simple tips to help you with your journey of working out on a plant base vegan diet.

Simplify Your Meals

It is not difficult to maintain a vegan diet, so long as you are keeping things simple and planning properly. If you try to over complicate your meals or lifestyle, it can become demotivating over a longer period of time.

Your body will be able to get plenty of proteins, carbs and fats from vegan meals and supplements. Check out the yummy personalised recipe plans at Health My Lifestyle. 100s of them are as simple as using 4 ingredients in a blender!

We have provided you with lots of recipes and at Nutriciously you will be able to sign up for more great ones. Focus you diet around tofu, beans, lentils and any vegetable you can think of!

Health My Lifestyle, has no long term commitment and the first month is only $5.99 so you can try it out and fall in love.

Plants are Your Work Out Friends  

No, seriously they are. When you are on the go, or before you leave the house, remember to pack some little vegan snacks. You can find lots of vegan ones at Thrive Market or in these ready made boxes on Amazon. This is what we mean by your friends, You will never go out without them. 

It is important to have these snacks handy, as you may find yourself in (rare) situations where there are no vegan options around and you’ll be thankful to yourself (and us) for packing your snack. 

Nuts, cereal bars, fruits, sliced carrots are all great options to have with you to satisfy the hunger.

Here is a great water bottle to keep handy to avoid buying plastic and working towards a zero waste vegan lifestyle.

Look For Meat Substitutes

When you’re moving yourself on to a vegan diet, avoiding meat substitutes becomes difficult. Embrace that, every vegan will tell you how in the initial stages of their journey they turned to meat substitutes to help them. There has been an amazing increase in the amount and quality of these substitutes, brands such as Beyond Meat and Uptons. 

Our partners at Health My Lifestyle, provide amazing meal plan with ways you can substitute for meat and make exciting yummy meals. You can read more about their plan on our blog here.

These substitutes aim to resemble similar tastes and contain amazing nutrition so there is nothing wrong is having these as part of your meal pre or post work out.

Re-plan Your Work Out Routine 

If you’re looking to start a new fitness regime, give yourself some time to get used to in with the new diet. You may want to have a slower start to the routine and let you body adjust to the changes. Be mindful and listen to your body, pushing it beyond limits can cause more harm than good.

Another common practice is turning towards lower intensity work outs in smaller sessions across the week. Amazing body transforming excercises like yoga, walking and swimming are great in your early days of becoming vegan. Overtime your body’s strength will allow you to move on to more intense and strengthening routines.

Look Vegan-Friendly Vitamins and Supplements

There are many vegan vitamins and supplements available today, which are great for helping ensure you get the right amount of nutrients in the body. As your body may have been used to one particular diet for many years, it can find it hard replacing this from the new diet. Regular blood tests, are a great and cheap way to understand where you may be falling short and help choose which vitamins you may need.  

You can find great vegan vitamins at Thrive Market or Amazon.

Keep A Postive and Growth Mindset

Do not get yourself down if you make mistakes on this vegan journey. Your work out routines may feel different, your group of friends at the gym may find it crazy, but continue to remind yourself of the reasons why you turned to a plant based vegan lifestyle. Vegan fitness trainers and vegan bodybuilders, are almost like disrupters in the market. A market which says you need lots of meat to be fit, but when you turn away from the masses, you start to walk your own journey and it is very fulfilling. 

Think about the animals, think about the planet, think about your health.

Find Your Favourite Take-Out 

After an amazing work out, feeling refreshed, in pain, or like you’re walking on the clouds. There is nothing wrong in treating yourself. Sometimes we have days where we do not want to prepare a full post-workout meal. For those days, have a list of your favourite take-out places, something you can grab on your way home or get delivered by the time you get in. This is like a treat, a well done, a pat on the back, for maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst working out and being vegan.

Go Vegan.