10 Amazing Reasons Why Men Should Go Vegan

I Am A Man, Should I Go Vegan

In a world that makes compassion seem feminine, and eating lots of meat as masculine, this your chance to step up and make a change. While many people have questioned this, it’s believed that most men view veganism as a very unattractive lifestyle. Men are made to believe by the media and magazine that you can not be strong without meat, because apparently meat has all the protein we need. 

Fruit and Vegetables forms a large part of a vegan lifestyle

Unfortunately, they tend to overlook the powerful social, ethical, and health benefits that the vegan mindset and a plant-based diet can offer.

But what’s veganism?

Well, veganism is the practice of doing away with any meat and animal product from your diet. While for some people shunning meat and animal products is a huge sacrifice, others believe there are several benefits that come with this.

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Whether you want to lose weight, get better, or eat healthily, going vegan is the way to go. By going vegan you’ll not only enjoy delicious meals but also get satisfied in the process of reducing animal cruelty. 

Here are our 10 reasons why you should go vegan today!

Going Vegan Will Boost Your Health

If you want to be healthy, then going vegan is definitely the right thing to do. Several studies have shown that if you focus on eating plants (fruits and vegetables), you’ll not only lose potential excess weight but also allow your body to solve a plethora of health-related issues. Some of the most notable studies have also shown that eating lots of plants instead of meat can lead to a decrease in the risk of heart disease, prostate cance and diabetes.

Going Vegan is Good For General Health

According to PETA vegans are on average 9kg (20Lbs) lighter than their meat eating companions.  It’s believed that going vegan will allow you to get rid of excess fat.

As compared to unhealthy diets that can leave you feeling tired, going vegan is a lot lighter on the stomach which will leave you with more energy.

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The Vegan Diet Will Boost Your Fitness Level

In the recent past, a plant-based diet has been getting a lot of attention. And all this is because of good reasons. As an athlete, if you eat a plant-based diet you’ll not only quicken your recovery time but also have better performance and boost your energy level. We recommend watching The Game Changers documentary to learn more.

Going Vegan Will Make You Healthier and Happier

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics, if you are vegan you are less likely to suffer from diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. You can read more here..

As a vegan, you’ll get all the nutrients that you need such as fiber, plant protein, minerals and vitamins  from plants. This means you don’t have to eat all the nasty stuff such as high cholesterol foods and saturated animal fats from meat. 

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Since this will make you feel healthier and lighter, the journey to feeling happier will begin.

If You Want To Boost Your Moods Go Vegan

According to doctors, the benefits that you get from a vegan diet can always go beyond the physical- Yes, a vegan diet can improve your moods and even your psychological well-being.

Studies have shown that if you eat a variety of plant-based foods, you are likely to decrease your anxiety and depression levels.

Your body will use up less energy on consumption and digestion giving it more energy to help focus on other areas of the body

Going Vegan Is Good For Humanity

Consuming foods which derive from animals does not just hurt animals, it also hurts humans. As compared to plants, it takes a lot more in terms of water and crops to raise animals. this mass usage of water, is really not good for our planet!

As a matter of fact, it takes up to 13lbs of grain to produce only 1lb of animal flesh.  If we just eat these foods directly then we get 13 times more food.

Vegan Diet Can Boost Your Sex Life

According to a recent study by Insider, if you eat a vegan diet you can significantly boost your testosterone levels.

By eating more fruits and vegetables, you can improve your blood circulation and boost your sex life in return.

If you are eating a healthy diet, you are unlikely to take any medicines which may eventually affect your sex life and function. So going vegan is one of the best ways to improve your sex life.

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Want To Diversify Your Plate, Go Vegan

If you are a meat eater you are likely to restrict yourself to one meal over and over again. 

This will not only get boring but will also reduce your exposure to the foods that can reduce your digestive issues, improve your immune system, and reverse your vitamin deficiencies.

When you go vegan you are likely to get more creative with the kind of foods that you eat. It may seem hard at first but we have lots of recommended recipes here.

Also, by adding texture and color to your plate you’ll make your food more delicious and even have more fun experimenting with different kinds of foods.

Vegan Diet Will Improve Your Relationship With Women

 As a heterosexual man, you need to know that vegan women outnumber the men. The most interesting part is that  a lot of women would want to be in a relationship with those who share their values and views.

Since going against social norms requiresindependent thought if you are vegan it means you may come across as more open-minded, and more compassionate towards the feelings of others.

Vegan Food is Genuinely Delicious

When you go vegan you can still eat all your favorite foods including burgers, ice-cream, and sandwiches. The only difference is that you’ll no longer be eating the cholesterol that comes from animals. There are vast amounts of alternatives to meat and dairy in every supermarket. 

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As the demand for this kind of food increases, companies are coming up with delicious dairy-free options that are much healthier and taste great. This will not only make you eat healthily but also enjoy delicious meals.

Wrapping Up

There you have it- there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy by going vegan. 

Apart from being happy and healthy you’ll also enjoy a more active lifestyle and help your body prevent a number of diseases that may come as a result of eating meat.

By actively not supporting animal cruelty,  you’ll be contributing  a lot to the environment and the health of our beautiful animal kingdom.. The kind of energy that you’ll get will be much better than all the benefits that you may get from meat.

So when you take all these into considerations you’ll realize that going vegan is the best thing to do.

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