What are Creative Ways to Use a Rubber Penis and Explore Pleasure?

Rubber penises are one of the most versatile and adaptable sex toys which can be used to explore several possibilities for intimate connection, arousal points, and pleasure. Many individuals use this penis de borracha (rubber penis) but even some couples who want to try some new fantasies can even explore this sex toy and enjoy it a lot during sexual activity.

Exploring Solo Play Ways

Every individual wants to seek self-discovery and personal pleasure as rubber penis offers a safe and convenient way:

  1. Normal Masturbation

Some individuals can use their rubber penis for a classic masturbation process that can give orgasms after focusing on certain preferred areas of simulation like clitoral, vaginal, or anal.

  1. Exploring Fantasies

Some solo people even want to explore their wildest fantasies and for that, they can even use rubber penis in your solo sessions. The rubber penis can help in simulating multiple scenarios and experiences that may turn your mood on.

penis de borracha

  1. Temperature Play

Single people even experiment with the temperature just by cooling or warming their rubber penis before using it. It can even add an extra layer of sensation to their sexual playtime and they can explore their likings in bed.

Improve Intimacy in Couple’s Play

Partners can use a rubber penis which can lead to exploring new levels of intimacy, pleasure, and connection.

  1. Mutual Masturbation

After communicating with each other, couples can incorporate rubber penis into mutual masturbation so that both of them can know about each other’s pleasure and know their arousal point.

  1. Role Play

Some engaging role play can involve the use of a rubber penis and then they can explore different power dynamics and fantasies related to each other.

  1. Double Penetration Activity

Some couples want to explore double penetration sexual activity but it can be painful so first get consent from your partner. In double penetration, they can use a rubber penis as it is a safe and satisfying experience for both partners involved in sexual activity.

  1. Pegging

Another way to use rubber dick is through role reversal where both the partner can enjoy pegging and be comfortable with sexual activity. In pegging the partner who has a rubber penis will take on an active role during penetrative sex.

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