Vegan Tampons, Pads & More. The Ultimate Guide

That magical day has arrived… its the time for your cycle to take its flow. There are amazing vegan pads which will help us through the period with cruelty free and zero waste tampon and pads. The number of people opting for vegan products has greatly sored in the past few years. And this is indeed news worth celebrating. With brands and people being more conscious about their environment, along with the choices they make everyday. 

On this journey of choosing completely cruelty-free products, there are brands that help me with my monthly essentials like sanitary pads, tampons, cups and more! 

So, here is a list of vegan period products you can look over to help you choose for your next cycle.

Diva Cup- The Re-Usable Cup

  • Made specifically for women who have recently started menstruating or are under the age of 18. The sizes are comparatively smaller than the average menstruating cup.
  • These eco-friendly cups are made of 100% medical-grade silicone and can be worn for up to 12 hours.
  • These menstrual cups are reusable, so instead of changing over 2-3 pads every day, you can use one cup instead.
  • Isn’t that all worth your money?
  • DivaCup is a brand that is committed to helping women have a hygienic product along with making it cost-effective and environment friendly.

Seventh Generation Pantiliner Pads

  • With an innovative design, the pads have enhanced fit along the corners to prevent leaks. 
  • The fluids are trapped away keeping the skin dry and avoiding rashes along the thighs with harsh pads. 
  • The pads are chlorine-free tested by gynecologists making them perfect for delicate and sensitive skin. 
  • Using products and pads by Seventh Generation, makes you not only consider the impact on the environment but also ensure that your self-care products are free from toxins like Chlorine.

Natracare Regular Tampons

  • These tampons have a petal-shaped end, which can be inserted easily without being too harsh and uncomfortable.
  • They are the world’s first 100% organic cotton tampons.
  • Natracare tampons do not use any synthetic material like rayon or any chemical additives. The applicator is made from chlorine-free biodegradable card.
  • This award-winning brand is committed to helping its consumer have a soft footprint on the environment, with naturally crafted products to meet the highest environmental standards and minimum wastage.

Organic Reusable Menstrual Pad

  • These pads are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Unlike disposable pads, these are made without any plastics or harmful chemicals.
  • The pads can be reused and washed easily in dryers. 
  • Plus, they’re totally free of plastics, chlorine, dyes, fragrances, and sanitizers.
  • A small step towards reducing the environmental impact. Instead of having to use 1-2 whole packets of one-time use pads, you can opt for these reusable pads.

Natracare Organic Cotton Extra Strength Pads

  • This range of Natracare pads are free of plastic, perfumes, or added toxins. Instead of adding up to a ton of trash during your monthly cycle, why not opt for these long-lasting cotton pads. 
  • The pad comes with double absorbent cellulose with extra-large wings on the corners to keeps all corners safe from leakages. Plus, they are extra absorbent making them good for sensitive parts.  
  • Each pad comes individually packed which can be conveniently carried in your bags.

Natracare Organic Cotton Ultra Pads

  • Due to the raising concerns of global female hygiene standards, Natracare products are specially designed to meet the needs of women.
  • They follow the highest ethical standards while making these animal-friendly, vegan personal care products for women.
  • The vegan pads are made without latex, chemical additives, or dyes, making them safe for sensitive parts.

Rael Organic Reusable Cloth Pads

  • These pads create a convex shape, which helps in successfully absorbing the liquid and prevents shifting. The pads also have side panels for added security.
  • With 5-layer thick cotton, the pads absorb all the liquid, while avoiding unpleasant odours and wetness. 
  • The vegan pads are made using cotton, without using fragrance, pesticides, or other chemical toxins that are harmful to the body. 
  • If you are looking for natural sanitary products, these pads are dermatologist-tested and approved and are suitable for all women with all kinds of menstrual conditions.

Rael Certified Organic Cotton Regular Pads

  • The sanitary napkins are designed to secure side leakages and a top-locker core to prevent overflowing. 
  • You can go for hours without feeling the need to change again and again. Also, the napkins are made with hypoallergenic breathable sheets, which helps in containing unpleasant odors.

Washable Period Pads with Charcoal Bamboo Absorbency

  • The pack comes with 6 pieces of reusable pads. Using innovative and environment-friendly research these pads have a 4-layer thickness, which helps in preventing leaks during periods. 
  • The pads are made of charcoal bamboo fiber, which is comfortable and eco-friendly. This adds up to user-comfort while eliminating skin irritation and foul odor.
  • To wash the vegan pads all you have to do is fold it into an envelope, button it up and wash away.

Rael Organic Pads

  • At a reasonable price, here is a product that has it all. The pack includes cotton pads, liners as well as wipes.
  • These are best for use while traveling. The organic pads help you protect against any skin irritation and provides for the highest level of period protection.
  • Fits perfectly and helps you move freely even during your monthly cycle.
  • Grab your vegan pads below
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