The Best Vegan Make Up For Men

There was a time when the very idea of having vegan make up for men would seem nearly impossible if not silly to the masses. Even today most products are being tested on animals before hitting the shelves or atleast using animal by-products, like stearic acid found in pig’s stomach or honey. Other animal derivatives like silk, snail gel, pearl, lanolin, milk, and animal protein can also be found in skincare products.

Here is another set of products, which again till a few years ago would have seemed alien to most of the world. Makeup for men. Men are becoming ever more conscious of their image and many celebrities have promoted the idea that it is not as taboo as once thought. 

Today, as the world is changing and consumers are looking for more ethical choices, big brands have started to recognize the importance of being socially responsible while setting high moral standards for their brands.

Not only this, but new brands have entered the market to provide the vegan world with what they want. Good, clean, organic, animal friendly make up. 

So, we have put in the time to research the best vegan make up for men and help revamp your makeup cabinet. We’ve rounded up our favorite vegan makeup products for men from brands that are pushing for this new market to become the best it can be.

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Mënaji CAMO Concealer

The world’s first concealer designed specifically to suit a man’s face, CAMO Urban Concealer can help you hide those spots/lines you would rather want to hide before stepping out. This product has a higher retention to withstand oil output from men’s skin. 

How To Apply:

Take a small amount of concealer on the tip of your index finger. Using spot coverage, dab a small amount on the areas you want to fix (under eyes, red spots, ingrown hair, blemishes, acne, etc).


With a little lighter shade from your skin tone; you can easily cover spots, blemishes, acne marks, and dark under eyes. MËNAJI is the first of its kind. This entire range focuses on the unique needs of men’s skin.

Even for those who have to face the camera on a regular basis, this product will ensure that you get shade and product according to your skin type.

You can read more about this mens vegan concealer and buy it here.

War Paint Men’s Tinted Moisturizer

Using a tinted moisturizer can help in more than just hydrating the skin. It can also soothe razor burns, minimize breakouts as well as prevent wrinkles.

How To Apply:

There is no right or wrong way of applying a tinted moisturizer. All you have to do is apply enough to evenly spread on your face and neck. Take a small amount (pea-sized) on your finger and use your finger to dot around your face. 

You can simply dab it all or use a sponge to blend it evenly.


A tinted moisturizer can be used daily. Everyday after taking a shower or washing your face, you can have a complete look by just applying a little tint to your skin. They also add an invisible shield of protection to your skin and prevent it from the damaging effects of daily life.

Customer Review:

One recent customer commented that this vegan tinted moisturizer for men makes his skin feeling glorious on their work video calls!

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan make up moisturizer and buy it here.

War Paint Men’s Foundation  

The product is available in 5 different shades. You can choose a shade that is suits your skin tone. Always avoid going for a lighter tone (any foundation). This can make you look cakey and honestly a ghost!

War Paint products, especially their skincare range is specifically designed for men just like you. So, they understand the difference in your skin texture as well as the products that need to used for it specifically..

How to Apply:

After primer or moisturizer, the foundation is generally a base product. All you have to do is take a small amount and dot it around your face. Then using your fingers or sponge spread it evenly in a circular motion. Always dab it and avoid spreading it in strokes.


War Paint Foundation will help you create an even and uniform skin tone while covering any blemishes and redness. It will help you create an even finish and can be used daily.

With a size that can fit your travel bag, you can also carry the bottle and use it on the go.

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan foundation and buy it here.

War Paint Men’s Bronzer Matte Finish

War Paint’s bronzer can help you give a final touch to your skincare routine. Just before heading out to the office or for an evening with friends, you can end your skincare routine using this bronzer.

How To Apply:

Bronzer is best applied when you have applied all other products and want to give that final touch to your face. Simply take a powder brush (Angles brush), apply some bronzer, and start applying in a motion of no. 3.

Starting from the forehead, coming to your cheekbones, to your jawline, make sure that you are not over-applying.


Bronzers can help you define your face by giving a finished look to your jawline, forehead, and face. It contours and helps in giving final touch ups. Especially if you are looking to have a tanned look this is just the right product you need.

A recent customer wrote that they have received many compliments after using this bronzer and that it give great coverage around the face

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan bronzer and buy it here.

War Paint’s Primer For Men

Before applying the concealer of foundation, primers are used to create an even base on your skin. Instead of creating rough patches, primer helps to even your skin. It can help in keeping your foundation matte and application of foundation even smoother.

How To Apply:

Take a small portion and evenly spread using your index finger. You can be generous with the amount but make sure you give time for the primer to sit for a minute before applying foundation or concealer.


Primers basically prep your skin, making a perfect base for Concealer and Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation.

It also prevents you from having touch-ups later, basically making your makeup stay for longer hours. Especially for men, who have small hair follicles on the face, a primer can help in making the foundation sit evenly.

You will find lots of customer reviews on how light it feels on their skin. Great product for men!

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan primer and buy it here.

War Paint’s Anti-Shine Powder

This Anti-Shine powder is suitable for all skin tones, created by real professionals. It’s a translucent powder base that helps you prevent excess skin oil. After applying foundation or tinted moisturizer, you can apply a coat of anti-shine to set the makeup in place. 

How To Apply:

Take a powder brush and generously take one to two strokes in the palette, dab off the extra, and buff the remaining onto the surface of your face.


The product helps you avoid extra skin oil and sweat. It can also help you reduce the appearance of pores while giving a matte finish to your face. 

Customers write about how easy it is to use this product and the light feeling it leaves on their skin.

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan anti-shine powder and buy it here.

War Paint Men’s Concealer

The concealer is a creamy base, which is beneficial for hiding prominent spots from the skin. Especially for men, a creamy base is much more suitable. It helps in covering pores, dark under-eye circles, and blemishes that are visible on the skin. 

How To Apply:

Concealers can be applied directly onto the skin after applying moisturizer for a basic look, but they are generally preferred after applying foundation. 

You can apply dots onto the peak points of your face to give a more defined look.


Generally, all skin type has pigments, especially after a good tan on the beach. Concealers can help you hide these pigments by blending the small area of imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. It’s like a natural auto-tune for your skin. 

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan concealer and buy it here.

War Paint Make Up Remover For Men

Makeup removers are great for your skin. It can easily dissolve everything and can be wiped or washed easily. Additionally, it helps in removing excess oil from your skin that has accumulated throughout the day. 

How To Use:

Pour a little liquid on a cotton pad, and gently rub it on all the places you had applied makeup. You will see your makeup being removed easily. 

Give a splash of cold water on your face and use a face wash to exfoliate and wash away the remaining impurities on the surface of your skin.


Prolonged wearing of cosmetics and settled dirt on your skin can lead to irritation and rapid skin aging. Makeup remover can help wash cosmetics and impurities while rejuvenating your skin. 

One recent customer wrote that this product is great for men with dry or sensitive skin. The gentle texture doesn’t require excessive rubbing and does not irritate the skin.

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan make up remover and buy it here.

War Paint Metal Powder Brush For Men

If you are looking for a brush that works wonderfully, this is the product for you. With premium synthetic bristles and wide surface, this metal brush is perfect for powder and bronzer application.


The brush is vegan and has baby soft synthetic hair, which can help you evenly apply powder on the surface of your skin. 

Metal brush is a little heavier than other plastic brushes, which helps in keeping a firm grip while application.

Customers write about how having this one brush means not needing to have a whole bunch. This is one does the trick for all.

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan make up product and buy it here.

War Paint Matte Face Sponge

If you are looking for a no-makeup look, a sponge is surely your best friend. A sponge is used to smoothly blend in your foundation or concealer. 

How To Use:

Lightly damp your sponge before using; this helps in evenly blending your foundation and giving a finished look. 

Use in a dabbing motion, so that the product is evenly distributed on the surface of your skin.

Customers say that this product is great as it increases in size when it is wet so you can cover more of your face easily.

You can read more about this amazing mens vegan make up product and buy it here.