Beginners Guide To Becoming Vegan

We all know and believe that our health is the basis of a thriving life and a generally enjoyable lifestyle ensures great wellbeing for mind and body. For our body the key aspect is eating healthy food containing high importance on vegetables and fruits, alongside some form of exercise every day. If you are just starting out your journey on a vegan diet, then firstly welcome! And we will help you with this life changing decision every step of the way. There are many resources and a lot of cool ways to approach the transition! You will find a great deal of information here at YourVeganAdventure

Vegan diets are commonly know to help individuals naturally reduce the number of calories that they consume, often leading to weight reduction and feeling more energized. A common misconception is that people believe “vegan” food, does not taste nice, lacks variety and doesn’t provide the right nutrients for the body. However, these could not be further from the truth! Ask any seasoned vegan and they will be able to talk for hours on end about the greatness of their food experiences.

What is a vegan diet?

There is often confusion between a vegetarian diet and a vegan diet. Let’s clarify… A vegetarian diet concentrates on healthy foods and drinks and virtually almost all animal products. While many vegetarians still consume eggs and dairy based products, vegans eliminate all animal by-products and foods which involve animal products in the production process. Meat, fish, poultry, and dairy are removed from the plate and substituted with vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and grains. A vegan diet will definitely form the basis to an amazing healthy life. It’s benefits are visible for people of all ages, from babies through to the elderly. A vegan diet with various spreads of legumes, seeds, grains, fruits, nuts and veggies is loaded with minerals, vitamins and fiber. You can visit our e-books page here, where you will find some amazing recipes which can help get you started on your journey

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VEGANISM for Beginners:

When we talk about adopting a vegan diet, there are many reasons why people choose to go vegan, but there seem to be three main inspirations behind their choice.

  • Health
  • Moral values
  • Environment


Health specialists, interviewed in many documentaries and research articles, identify that animal products have negative effects on our general health. Animal products are naturally high in cholesterol which doctors will tell you is not good for our heart. Some research studies have claimed that a vegan diet can reduce the risk of cancer by up to 40%, as compared to a meat based diet. 

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Moral values:

Studies have reported that over 60 billion land animals are slaughtered for food every year, which is the equivalent to over 16 million a day! Factory farming plays a very significant part in that number. In the same way, animals in captivity or testing labs are used for research studies, also being exploited for human benefit. Vegans are fighting to prevent this unnecessary manipulation, by boycotting businesses that benefit from innocent beings and supporting those who push for a moral high ground when it comes to our animal kingdom.

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The effect of animal agriculture is having on earth is shocking. Make sure you check out the documentary called Cowspiracy. It goes into great detail about how much harm we are causing the planet through such practices. Studies report that animal agriculture leads to more greenhouse gas emissions as compared to most of the transport combined. It’s projected that animal agriculture is seen as one of the leading causes of deforestation, as companies look for more land to house more animals and factory farms.

Tips for starting off on your Vegan Diet:

  • Sign up to Health My Lifestyle! It is amazing for beginners with so many recipes
  • Be easy on yourself
  • Do your research
  • Veganism your favorite recipes
  • Restaurants for vegan foods
  • Get used to reading labels
  • Inform Others
  • Get creative
  • Be a part of the community
  • Mistakes happen
  • Don’t give up

Be easy on yourself:

Not many people are able to switch their lifestyle and become vegan overnight (though many claim to have done it). Take it easy and do not allow the transformation to overwhelm you. Learn about plant-based living and make small steps in your lifestyle to work towards the goal.

Do your research:

We have lots of information here at YourVeganAdventure that will help with all aspects of your life, from make up to phone chargers! Read as much as you to really build your confidence and knowledge base. This won’t just get you more excited about why being vegan is so amazing and vital, itll keep you enthusiastic and determined, but will also equip you with all the know-how when family and friends begin grilling you with a lot of questions. Yes, it happened to all of us!

Veganise your favorite recipes:

Just because you have now made the decision to live a vegan lifestyle, that does not mean you cannot still enjoy all your favorite foods. From vegan burgers to mac and cheese, ice cream to cookies, these are all available to you, but this time they’re  veganised! Our e-books page will show you lots of ways to veganise your food and there is lots out there to help you find a vegan alternative.

Restaurants have vegan options:

Among the first things you need to look at when going out, is the vegan options at your favourite restaurant.  Remember, till now you have not really given those options much attention so you may think they do not exist, but it is incredible how popular veganism has become, which makes it simpler to get vegan variations of our favorite foods. So take a look around, find out what’s available, and get tasting. It is common that restaurants offering vegetarian options, may easily be able to veganise for you (sometimes as simple as not putting mayo in your burger)

Read labels:

As soon as you become an experienced vegan, this becomes a lot less neeeded as you start to learn what’s vegan and not,  but in the beginning it requires some patience to learn whether you’re favourite snacks, chips, or sweets are vegan.  Looking at food labels is something every vegan goes through, but it shows your dedication when you are out shopping. 

Inform Others:

It can be hard for us when almost everyone around us is  against this idea of being vegan. Much of it stems for traditional beliefs that have never been questioned or challenged. Be gentle and open minded whilst you inform them how amazing it is to be vegan. Either by showing them facts or (even better) by cooking them a delicious vegan dinner. Sometimes one meal or one fact is all it takes to change someone’s life. 

Be Creative:

Now that you have organized your favorite foods, scoped out the best vegan alternatives, and eventually mastered the art of reading labels, it is time to get creative! Plant-based cooking is a whole new experience, with spices, ingredients, and mixes you have probably never considered before.

Be a part of the community:

Find out whether there are some vegan potlucks occurring in your area, vegan cooking classes, or vegan community meet-ups. Since living in a very non-vegan society, it can  sometimes become challenging if you do not have a support network around you. Getting involved and locating other like-minded men and women won’t just help make you new friends but allow you to feel part of something significant.

You may slip up by mistake:

You are making a huge transformation changing a very large part of your daily life, and it is inevitable that you may accidentally eat a salad or a paste, that contained something with animal products in it. Or you had a crouton in your soup, but didn’t realize they use egg or butter while making it. Nobody will or should judge you by your mistakes, you may feel a sense of disappointment but don’t let it hold you back from moving on in the journey! These mistakes will happen less over your life time as a vegan. We live and learn!

Don’t give up:

Veganism isn’t a a movement that going to stop moving, it is only going to get stronger when more people see it as a wonderful remedy for our health difficulties and as more celebrities speak highly of it. Good things take time and amazing things take longer. Creating a change to your daily diet and lifestyle, will definitely be the best decision you ever make. So don’t quit and enjoy the journey.


Be sure not to complicate things in the beginning and keep your food choices easy but varied. It is beneficial to start off by finding out about the essential vegan food replacements for your favourite dishes, so it is easy to substitute any animal products in the recipes with vegan options. You have taken a completely new journey, so remain compassionate with yourself. Find yourself a nice cool plant-based community that may help you on the way. When you are together with like-minded friends, you will feel secure and be able to completely be yourself!

Go Vegan.