The Best Vegan Pet Food Guide

Following on from my blog posts about raising your dog or cat a vegan, I took some time out to find and review the vegan pet food products available.

Your pet is often the boss of the house, everything and everyone revolves around keeping them happy and healthy. Pampering them is just a regular part of our life, and part of this love is giving them the best possible diet.

In a massive and highly profitable pet industry, it is great to see a rise in companies looking to disrupt the market. With so many of us adopting this beautiful vegan journey, it’s time to get your furry friend involved with you.

Lets Start With The Best Vegan Pet Foods…

Wysong Vegan Dry Food Formula For Cats

One of the only totally natural vegan pet food available. A leader in providing pet nutrition, Wysong Vegan food includes the required enzymes, probiotics and Antioxidants for cat.

The unique formula uses flax seeds which provide essential omega-3 acids with no unnecessary filler ingredients or additives. The vegan cat food is suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds.

You can read more about this vegan dry pet food and buy it here

Vegan Cat Food by Ami

A highly trusted eco-friendly brand, producing great products. Ami’s Vegan food from Italy is now available in the USA. Trusted by many loyal customers throughout the years, this eco-friendly brand is committed to providing quality food to pet owners.

AMI Cat food is made from completely natural ingredients without using slaughterhouse wastes and animal by-products. The vegan cat food formula focuses on your cat and is a rich source of vital Taurine.

AMI Cat food can help your feline companion by providing ample nutrition, improve the quality of their fur, and give a muscular tone to their body.

You can read more about this natural vegan pet food and buy it here

V-Dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food

This vegan dry food is prepared using 100% plant-based ingredients. Created by dog food experts, to ensure the treat meets all the AAFCO guidelines for ensuring your dog gets the right nutrition.

This dry food provides for a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, while strictly following a plant based recipe and not using any animal product. V-dog is planet approved for having a small environmental impact.

You can read more about this vegan dry dog food and buy it here 

 Halo Vegan Natural Vegan Wet Dog Food

No meat or animal testing means, no cruelty towards animals. This vegan recipe also uses no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Making it a healthy protein-rich meal made from plants.

Ideal for dogs of all breeds and age, with a formula taking dog sensitivity in mind. Using nutrients at par to a meat-based diet, Halo wet dog food delivers the same nutrients using plant-based ingredients.

You can read more about this vegan dog food and buy it here 

Wild Earth Vegan High Protein Dry Dog Food

Wild Earth’s high protein dry food for dogs uses prebiotic fibers, which helps in building healthy microbiome and disease resistance. Made from completely natural ingredients Wild Earth proudly avoid the use of artificial additives or any animal by-products.

Wild Earth’s vegan dry food could be used daily as a part of their normal diet. Plus it tastes well! Rich in fatty acids and omega, helping to keep their fur and skin healthy. The vegn dog protein is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

You can read more about this vegan dog protein and buy it here 

Our Favourite Vegan Pet Treats

Shameless Pets Pumpkin Nut Dog Treats

Proudly manufactured in the USA using sustainable up-cycled ingredients, these dog treats are for vegan friendly dogs. It is soft-baked, which makes them easier to chew. These treats are healthy and help in maintaining their digestive health. The treats have no artificial additives, which makes them as good as home-cooked meals.

You can read more about these vegan pets dog treats and buy it here 

Halo Vegan Grain Free Natural Crunchy Dog Treats

The vegan formula for these peanut and pumpkin grain-free treats uses natural vegetables and fruits. They are cereal and gluten-free making them a healthy low fat and baked treats.

No artificial flavors are used ensuring all the flavors come from using ingredients that your dog loves. These digestible dog treats are prepared keeping in mind the health and nutrition your dogs need. 

You can read more about these vegan dog treats and buy it here 

Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Treats

The treat contains the superfood Koji. The amazing mushroom based supefood contains all the essential amino acids needed for your dog to stay healthier longer.

Providing a healthy diet while being eco-friendly. It comes in 3 flavors; banana, peanut butter, and cinnamon. The food is neither too crunchy nor too soft. Wild Earth have kept your dog’s health in mind when creating this treat. The formula has been made to be safe for feeding small pups that are sensitive and prone to food allergies.

You can read more about these vegan dog protein snacks and buy it here 

Our Favourite Vegan Pet Supplements

KIN+KIND Organic Antioxidant Boost for Urinary Tract Health

Pure and natural, just 3 ingredients make this vegan cat food supplement amazing for your pet. The cranberries and blueberries work naturally to promote a healthy urinary tract. Rich in vitamin C and other essential antioxidants, this organic boost is perfect for cats as well as dogs.

Additionally, this tastes sweet and doesn’t make your pet hate healthy food and even finish all the breakfast in the bowl.

You can read more about this vegan pet food supplement and buy it here

Raw Paws Boost Flavor & Nutrition Pet Food Topper

Only a few of the flavours are 100% vegan, including sweet potato No more your cats have to feed on just some tasteless healthy diet. Just sprinkle some flavoursome seasoning to improve the taste. This helps in enhancing the flavor while benefiting your pets’ health.

Made of natural high fiber powder, which can help in greatly improving their diet and support proper digestion, packaged in a convenient shaker for easy application!

You can read more about this vegan pet food topper and buy it here

Our Favourite Vegan Pet Dental Products

Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray

Dogs tend to chew on anything they find, especially during their outdoor trips. With a little use of dental spray, you can help in keeping their dental hygiene. The Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray is tasteless and odourless. The best part about this spray is that it can be applied quickly without stressing out your pet.

You can read more about this vegan pet dental spray and buy it here 

Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel

The dental gel has an alcohol and flavor-free formula, making it safe for your pet. It can greatly help in addressing plaque and bad breath problems for your pets. 

All you have to do is rub a little amount of gel onto their teeth as well as gums. The Oxygene and Aloe vera formula can help in cleaning and conditioning their teeth.

You can read more about this vegan pet dental gel and buy it here 

Our Favourite Vegan Pet Gifts

Calming Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

Perfect for your furry little pets this donut cuddler is just what you need for them to curl up. Roundly shaped with a little raised rim, giving ample neck support and a sense of security.

Faux shag fur helps keep your pet feel warm…it’s like sleeping inside of a blanket. Instead of napping on a cold hard floor, the donut help their quality of sleep leading to improved behaviour.

Available in natural colors this would even go with your home décor

You can read more about this vegan pet cuddler and buy it here

The Good Dog Company’s Hemp Cat Collar

The Good Dog Company has come up with a range of cat products as well. Choose from a range of quirky eight colors for your furry pets.

The Hemp cat collars are light weighted and made up of soft fabric, which is perfect for delicate cats. The collars are made from organic cotton that has been grown without pesticides makes the collar safe for our pets as well as the planet.

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You can read more about this vegan cat collar and buy it here

Our Favourite Vegan Pet Grooming Items

Paw Sense Pet Stain & Odor Remover

This pet stain and odor remover come with 100% pure aromatherapy and other essential oils, which can infuse a fresh fragrance of lemongrass.

Made in the USA and not tested on animals, the product uses environmentally friendly ingredients and can clean the stain within minutes. Just shake the bottle and spray on the stain. Then let it dry for a few minutes and later scrub it clean.

You can read more about this vegan pet stain remover and buy it here

Kin+Kind Organic Waterless Bath Foam

Organic waterless foam is best for pets that make a big fuss while taking a bath. Especially when it comes to cats, they can leave you with scratches when it comes to giving them a water bath.

All you have to do is pump some foam into your hand and apply it all over on your pets’ coat. Let it air dry for a while and you are good for days. It’s that easy!

Made in the USA using certified organic ingredients that are parabens and sulphate-free. Plus ingredients like olive oil, glycerin, and coconut oil helps in keeping itch away while locking moisture into their coat. This improves the overall quality of their skin and a shiny coat.

You can read more about this vegan waterless bath foam and buy it here

Modern Kanine Unscented Grooming Wipes

Perfect for daily use, these pet grooming wipes can help in removing any excess dirt your pets get after a walk outside. Modern Kanine’s grooming wipes have been formulated to leave your pet smelling fresh.

The wipes use natural ingredients that are safe for both dogs as well as cats. They comes packed with a resealable lid, which keeps them from drying out and can be used for a longer.

After every walk or a day in the rain, you can simply just clean them using these wipes and to avoid bathing them after every walk.

You can read more about these vegan pet wipes and buy it here

 Earth Rated Pet Grooming Wipes

For pets who may not enjoy taking regular baths, these wipes are great to remove dirt and smelly odors from their bodies. Simply use these wipes to clean them after every muddy walk or to just keep them fresh every day. 

Earth Rated’s plant-based wipes are tested hypoallergenic and free from sulfates, parabens, or alcohol. They are  large and thick enough to clean the toughest of dirt stains and nails.

You can read more about these pet grooming wipes and buy it here 

BioBag’s Pet Waste Compost Bags

Instead of adding more plastic waste, this little step can be a major leap on our part to use sustainable and eco-friendly items. They are safe to be thrown in your backyard compost bins.

Not only for cats and dogs, but these bags can also be used to clean waste of all small animals including rabbits, hamsters, reptiles, birds, and more.

These bags are made up of natural materials making them easy to decompose and 100% biodegradable.

You can read more about this zero waste pet item and buy it here

Beco Pets Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Using a plastic poop bag every time your dog poops, is definitely adding up to non-recyclable plastic waste. Why not make an environment-friendly change and opt for a compostable dog poop bag instead?

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Beco Pets bags are made using plant-based resins to help reduce single-use plastic,. What comes from nature goes back to nature. The bags have no materials tested on animals and are PETA approved.

You can read more about this vegan pet stain remover and buy it here