Ultimate Clean Green Vegan Smoothie

Do you want to drink purity? This green vegan smoothie is just that. Pure, clean and amazing for your body! A blend of juices with some vegetables and you will be left feeling incredibly light and refreshed!

We have added an avocado into the mix so that you get that nice creamy texture, as well as all the amazing benefits of the wonderful avo!

The best blender to use is the Vitamix which I can not recommend enough. For the juicing element, this Breville one is fab! They are simply the best vegan kitchen gadgets on the planet and a must have! You can grab yours by clicking here

Ingredients for the clean green vegan smoothie

  • 2 Cucumbers – Juiced in the Breville Juicer
  • 2 Cups of Kale – Juiced in the Breville Juicer
  • 2 Apples – Juiced in the Breville Juicer
  • Half an Avocado – Remove the seed
  • Water – 250ml

On a low setting, blend the green juices with the avocado until they mix well. Add more water if needed.

Pour & Enjoy!

Tip: if you cant get kale, replace with any local green and you can try it with pear juice if you don’t like the taste of apple!

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