The Ultimate Affordable Healthy Vegan Meal Plan

Finally, after searching for hours, I came across the perfect vegan meal plan by Health My Lifestyle that works for all of our needs. During the early days of my vegan journey, I felt all the typical emotions that are common amongst newbies. Confuse, overwhelming, stuck and sometime frustrated. I was adamant that I would fight these emotions and be sure not to give up at this hurdle. Lots of hours spent online finding recipes, shopping lists, safe items is how I got through it. But now, there’s an amazing online meal planner that does all the hard work for me.

In my opinion, for vegans this is the ultimate meal planner. With each meal, they give me a comprehensive list of ingredients, a small description of any uncommon ingredients, the kitchen tools needed and how long it’ll all take you. Believe it or not, there are amazing vegan meals which will take you 5 minute from scratch to tummy.

Knowing that every meal is so important, the planner helps make sure that I get all the right nourishment I need. Once you have created an account, you will get a chance to fill out a little quiz with your body’s information and the system will guide you with your ideal calorie intake.

Is This Vegan Meal Planner Right For You?

Well, the short answer is YES! Whether you eat a vegan diet regularly, or planning to start your journey, the planner has something amazing for everyone. Just today, I realised that I can cook a delicious vegan Thai sweet coconut curry in under 30 minutes, with just 8 ingredients! (One of them is water, so I guess it’s only 7. Even better)

Health My Lifestlye Meal Planner

Lots of us who start this vegan plant based journey, do it to adopt a healthier lifestyle and relationship with food. Starting anything new can be challenging, with not knowing where to start. This why the Health My Lifestyle planner is incredible. It is one of a kind, giving you the dish to make and the groceries you need to grab this weekend.

Do You Have A Sweet Tooth? (Like Me)

There is absolutely nothing to worry about with this one. There are lots of incredible desserts, some that will take you less than 15 minutes. So the cravings don’t have to wait long to be fed! Have you ever made chocolate balls, without any baking and with just 4 ingredients. Here’s your chance to show off your hidden chef!

Image: Vegan Pancakes topped with coconut cream and bananas (Soy Free, Refined Sugar Free and Gluten Free)

Are The Vegan Meal Plans Allergy Friendly?

There are an estimated 13 million people in the USA with an allergy to one of the eight food allergens. Peanuts, soy and sesame are found commonly in vegan food, three of the allergens seeing a rise.

For vegans who really want to get started or experiment on their journey, it can be off putting that a lot of supermarket vegan food contains the allergens. This is just another reason why Health My Lifestyle’s vegan planner is just one of a kind. Once you get through the meal plans, you can filter the vegan meals by ‘soy free’, ‘nut free’ and ‘gluten free’.

Click here to get started with your life changing vegan meal planner. There are no long term commitments, and you can cancel at any time. Health My Lifestyle, have even reduced the price of your first month down to $5.99 so you can really fall in love.