My Favourite Vegan Shopping Bags

Can you believe that every year 100 billion plastic bags are used just in the USA. That works out to more than 270 million everyday. The average number per family is 1500 bags a year. Yes, those are some heart breaking numbers and even  worse when we see images of all the plastic in the oceans. Using some of the zero waste reusable bags below, will eliminate the use of nearly 1000 plastic bags over their lifespan. 

The fashion companies and the cosmetic brands are starting to change their use of plastic, promoting a shift in these particular markets. Some grocery stores are starting to encourage customers to bring their own bags, whilst others have moved on to paper bags. For me, it is lovely to see these changes happening and people’s mindsets changing. I recently wrote a blog about sustainable products like phone chargers and cases which eliminate plastic from the planet. You can read it here.

Taking a bunch of reusable funky shopping bags when I go out to do groceries, makes me feel happy that I have been able to do my small bit for the planet. Without realising, I have had friends who have become more conscious of their habits and have been inspired to grab a collection of bags themselves.

My Favourite 10 Zero Waste Vegan Shopping Bags

Shop Like You Give A Sh*t Recycled Cotton Tote

Recycled shopping totes are a great way to help save our planet. Plus bags that are made from vegan substances are always good for animals as well. 

The bag  has lots of space to help you with everyday grocery. The thought provoking message is perfect for you to fill the bag with your eco-friendly products.

You can read more about this great vegan shopping bag here.

Piermont Recycled Shopping Tote

Single-use shopping bags can be an added burden on the environment as they are thrown after every use. This can add a lot of pressure on our natural resources as well.

Using Piermont Recycled Shopping tote can make you a part of a greater good by preventing incessant use of plastic bags. 

The tote bags are made up of recycled cotton used from scraps. It also uses natural jute detailing on the bottom as well as the handles of the bag. This makes the bag sturdier and last a long time.

You can read more about this beautiful vegan shopping bag here

Organic Food Funny Reusable Grocery Shopping Tote Bag

This bag by Klubi, is extremely strong with the durability to last many many years. Reusable bags like these make a great gift for environmentally conscious people. These designs are great to impress your colleagues, friends or even family. Made from 100% natural cotton and washable.

You can read more about this funky vegan shopping bag here

EcoRight Vegan Canvas Shopping Tote Bag

This vegan shopping bag is the right size, shape and quality you need. The bag comes with cross-stitched shoulder handles, which are easy to carry around. Made from materials which are 100% biodegradable in a factory which uses solar energy for power. Wow. 

Easy to carry, fold and take everywhere with you, the bags will hold upto 10kg in shopping goodies.

You can read more about this vegan shopping bag here

Hudson Canvas Reusable Shopping Bag

These bags are made from recycled cotton. All the post-consumer and industrial cotton left as waste is used to create this innovative handbag. 

Along with great space and good looks, this bag also supports fair wages and labor practices. 

You have your conscious clear while purchasing this one. Made from plastic scraps left to fill our landfills, these bags are one out of a few things we can do good for our environment. 

You can read more about this amazing vegan shopping bag here

Brimago Large Reusable Grocery Bags

Your perfect grocery shopping companion. These eco-friendly bags are great option to gift to your friends and family. They come in a pack of 3 grocery bags, with 9 produce bags perfect for grocery shopping. Great for heavy-duty usage like travelling and shopping, these bags are just the companion you need while you are out.

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Oxford Reusable Waterproof Grocery Bags

Extremely high quality, with shoulder handles to make them convenient for shopping, each bag can hold up to 4 times more than a single use plastic bag. They are available as a 2 and 4 pack, with a variety of different cute designs.

You can read more about this great vegan shopping bag set here

Farm to Table Sage Reusable Grocery Shopping Tote Bag

These stylish bags are a great option for grocery shopping, picnics, pool, and beach or just as a gift. Proudly made of 100% natural cotton in the USA and machine washable. The bag will hold the weight and capacity equivalent to 3 regular plastic grocery bags, helping you do your part for saving the planet. 

Using one of these bags, will eliminate the use of upto 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime.

You can read more about this vegan shopping tote here.

Happiness Jute Grocery Shopping Bag

The Jute Burlap Totes are made of 100% natural jute fabric, and with a zipper to close the upper two ends. The prints are done using AZO-free colour, which makes it green and eco-friendly.

HD laminated interiors makes them last longer and easily cleanable. The tote also comes with long, soft and thick cotton handles, which increases their handiness and comfort.  

You can read more about this grocery vegan shopping bag here.

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