Install False Ceilings In Your Home And Beautify Your Home

 Do you want your home to have a unique appearance? Do you love to install fancy accessories in your home? Does your spirit strive for exotic feeling? Do you want your home to appear like a high-class mansion? Not only home, do you want to impart a professional ambiance to your office?

If your reply to any of the above questions is affirmative, then false ceilings are the best option for you. Install a false ceiling and see the change your house goes through and enjoy the compliments and envy of your competitors and neighbors.

What are the false ceilings?

As the name suggests, a false ceiling is a second ceiling installed beneath the main ceiling of the room. It is supported with the help of wooden beams or metal frame and is suspended from the roof and is also known as the dropped ceiling. A minimum distance of 8 inches in necessary for fixing false ceiling from the roof and various materials like Plaster of Paris, PVC sheets, Gypsum board, Plywood, etc. are used for its construction. Here is the description of some materials and after reading about them you can choose what fits you best.

Residential Landscaping

  • Plaster of Paris Ceiling: Lighting arrangements are best suited with the Plaster of Paris ceiling and its smoothness is its best quality. Any kind of design and shape can be easily obtained from POP which makes them preferred the ornamental design and light work. Aluminum T- section framework is used for its suspension as POP is best supported by it. The only disadvantage of the POP ceiling is that its color fades away soon and it’s not much durable.
  • Gypsum false ceiling: The positive qualities of gypsum are its resistance to fire, lightweight structure, and thermal insulation. 600 mm x 600 mm is the standard size of gypsum boards with a thickness between 9 mm to 15 mm. GI channels framework is used for its fixation and suspension.
  • PVC false ceiling: The special qualities of PVC false ceiling are its durability, water resistance, and The maintenance cost of PVC material is almost zero and it’s the most economic ceiling option of all three. PVC panels are available in plenty of colors and size and false ceilings of PVC are attached in Aluminum T- section framework.

Benefits of False Ceiling

There are a huge number of benefits of the false ceiling which are numerous to be said in one place. Here some of those are enumerated-

  • They impart classy appearance to your house or office and the visitors and guests are impressed on the first visit.
  • They are easy to maintain and a huge variety of material is available depending on which you can choose the most suitable.

Make your home and office exotic by installing false ceilings and let others be jealous of you.

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