Hello little gourmet

Good taste development in your child is very important and will help him become a good eater later on. A healthy and varied diet as a baby benefits us throughout our lives. Some people even want to offer 100 different flavors before their child celebrates their first birthday.

It starts in the womb

Did you know that the first influence of taste occurs in the womb? The baby already gets used to the tastes that the mother eats during pregnancy. If you, as a mother, eat a lot of vegetables during your pregnancy, it will definitely affect your baby’s taste buds. The little one will appreciate vegetables more later snacks delivery in Singapore.

gourmet chocolate popcorn

Why don’t we like vegetables immediately?

The fact that you have to work harder with your child for vegetables than for fruit is actually quite logical and can be explained by our story. Back when people gathered their own food, bitter and sour things were often a natural warning that something might be poisonous. Vegetables are often a bit bitter and are therefore less appreciated than sweet fruit. But perseverance prevails, and you should keep offering your child several small bites. After ten to fifteen times, the little one will like it better and better.

Crunchy versus soft

In addition to taste, training your little gourmet is also about offering different consistencies. Offer him sometimes small pieces and sometimes pureed food, sometimes cooked and sometimes raw vegetables, etc. Research shows that crunchy foods are very popular with children. The explanation for this is that children are better at eating crunchy things than gooey things.

Make eating a social experience

Eating and drinking play an important role in your child’s life. Above all, “doing it yourself” is a milestone for most people. Be patient and give your child time to learn to eat on their own. There are various products to help them learn to eat properly themselves.

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