Gunas Handbag Discount Code & Review

A brand which shouts out to animal lovers worldwide! Gunas New York pride their handbags and company for being 100% vegan! With a vision to end cruelty to all beings and take care of the planet, Gunas really is leading the conscious fashion world. Their gorgeous product range has something for everyone including bags, totes, satchels and shoes!

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In my previous blog post about the best vegan handbags, I touched briefly on a few different Gunas bags which were beautiful and amazing to use. You can check out that post here. I wanted to use this post to share my exclusive discount code and cover a couple of their other products which I found amazing!

The Koko Satchel by Gunas

The 2020 addition to the Gunas collection will have heads turning in the office. The bag was named after the famous Gorilla Hanabiko who was known for leaning hand signs to communicate. Using completely eco-friendly materials to give the feel and look of leather, this bag is one of a kind. Designed by the New York Fashion brand and manufactured in the beautiful South Korea.

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Miley by Gunas New York

The ultimate work bag! Perfect to fit all your gadgets and stationery for your busy day ahead!

The harming of animals is not needed to produce gorgeous products and this bag exemplifies that statement!

As always, the bag is of a very high quality and there is lots of storage space with convenient pockets inside and out. Hand made is beautiful South Korea

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