How Do I Check If Something Is Vegan?

It is a real shame that, most of the large brand companies, which dominate significant parts of their markets, test on animals. HOWEVER! This certainly does not mean that products not tested on animals are hard to find! In fact, with such a large rise in the demand of vegan and socially conscious consumers, almost all supermarkets will have certain products which are great for the vegan lifestyle. 

The market for products without animal exploitation is growing exponentially across the globe and over the next few years, our shelves will continue to be stocked with more and more of these items. Thrive Market is one the best one stop shops where you can find, vegan products across a whole variety of categories. 

For beauty and cosmetics, we recommend checking out great companies like Earth Hero and The Detox Market, who stock various brands of products and clearly state where no animals were harmed. Throughout our blog, we review lots of the items available in these stores and are pleased to see them succeeding.

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As you start on this vegan journey, you must accept that you are going to be startled and surprised at the vast amount of products which use animals within their production processes. It can also start to make you feel uneasy about supporting certain brands, and we will  list just a few of the most common ingredients that you should look out for.

It is a common belief that when a brand uses the phrase ‘natural ingredients’, this does not necessarily mean it is vegan, cruelty free, or safe for the environment. It is simply a play on words to get your attention and business. Many of these products will contain animal byproducts or have been tested on animals

Some of the most common ingredients: 

  • Lanolin – which comes from sheep’s skin of animals raised for their wool
  • Gelatine – used in most gummy sweets, is derived from animal body parts
  • Glycerin – used in skin creams is derived from animal fats
  • Carmine – used to give the red colour in cosmetics comes from red beetles
  • Shark Cartilage – extracted from sharks, used in many anti aging creams
  • Milk enzymes – used in many skin care products today
  • Beeswax – a common ingredient in hair wax products and moisture balms

This short list is just a little snippet of what is inside our regular products. Please place a lot of importance in reading the list of ingredients carefully and once you find an ingredient of animal origin, you know that it is no longer vegan. Luckily, more commonly than before brands now label their product as Vegan or Cruelty-free. 

Looking for these signs is definitely the easiest way to get your cruelty free, plant based, vegan products. Remember, if it says ‘natural ingredients’ read the ingredients carefully!

A vegan product is one that does not contain any ingredients of animal origin or even tested on animals. There is a lot of discussion around some sticky ingredients like honey, as some people consider it non-vegan, whilst a larger number let it slide. You can read more about it here and decide for yourself. 

Our Verdict of a Vegan product…

We believe that a vegan product is one that:

  1. has not been tested on animals (cruelty-free);
  2. all ingredients have not been tested on animals;
  3. does not contain ingredients of animal origin (plant-based)

In some parts of the world, where veganism has not yet taken it’s rise, some companies do not understand what being vegan means and consider a product to be vegan if it does not contain ingredients of animal origin or animal derivatives. They have not yet realised that testing on animals also plays a large role in the lifestyle habits of vegans.

Go Vegan.

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