These People Realizes They Became Instant Viral Memes Overnight

Social media platforms are flooded with memes these days. You can even find them all over the internet. Memes feature hilarious real people or animals, usually with funny captions and images. But have you ever wondered who these individuals are that got turned into a meme? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Success Kid

For sure, you have seen this meme, an adorable toddler with a fist of sand and a determined look on his face says it all. The “Success Kid” is Sam Griner. This meme came into existence in 2007 when Laney Griner posted a photo of her son on Flickr. Sam was trying to eat sand, and the image became the famous “I Hate Sandcastles” meme until people started calling it the “Success Kid” meme.

Disaster Girl

The iconic picture of little Zoe Roth gave a ‘face’ on the camera while firefighters were c controlling the blaze in the background. Zoe is grown up now, but her meme from 2004 is still circulating today. She is currently living away from the internet with family and friends.

Side-Eyeing Chloe

Chloe went viral back in 2013 after KAftC of YouTube posted a video of her giving a side-eye. The “Lily’s Disneyland Suprise… AGAIN” video went viral. As it turned out, this video was of Chloe giving a straight face upon hearing the news of a surprise trip while on her way to school.

Blinking White Guy

The iconic GIF of Drew Scanlon is viral online. This one-second clip was shot in 2013 when Drew worked as a video producer at the Gaming Bomb. During one of their gaming sessions, Drew was watching his editor-in-chief play Starbound. Drew’s hilarious reaction to what his editor has said quickly became famous.

Harold Hiding The Pain

This meme that features a guy who looks like he’s suppressing the pain while giving a smile is not really Harold. He is András Arató. This meme earned him the chance to be the dace of Coca-Cola in Hungary in 2020. Now living in Budapest with his wife and son, András Arató also starred in the Masked Singer, Hungary version.

You can find funny memes everywhere. There’s no doubt that you, too, have used them to express a hilarious situation that you are in. The pictures are enough to make someone’s day better. So share one today, put a smile on someone’s face, and make a difference.


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