Choosing The Right Vegan Vitamin Supplements

There are many scientific reasons which can explain why our bodies are not absorbing as many vitamins and minerals as they once did. In general, a wholesome plant based diet will provide all the necessary vitamins needed, including vitamin C. However, with the rising convenience of fast food and processed eating, the number of these key nutrients in our meal has declined.

However, though there may be evidence of the quality decline in certain fruits and vegetables, a balanced vegan diet is still one the best diets you can give your body. We all need a little more energy from time to time – but how many of us opt for something sweet or sugary when the afternoon fatigue comes?

If there is that lingering feeling, that something is missing from the diet, consult a doctor or physician to get a break down of the blood content. This will help identify exactly, what is normal and what is lacking.

In general, here are some of the vitamins which may be low when moving to a vegan diet, and below are some great supplements if you are looking for them. Vitamin B12, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron and Omega 3.

10 Great Vegan Vitamin Supplements

Future Kind’s Vegan Essential Multivitamin

Image Credit Future Kind

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Great for helping with lots of different parts of your day including, energy levels, mood improvement and better focus. Future Kind have produced a great all round multivitamin. Packed with great vitamins such as vitamin B12, D and omega 3. Future Kind are proud to be known as the world’s 1st vegan multivitamin produced for vegan and plant based diets. The formula has been created to have the easiest absorption for those on a vegan diet.

Future Kind’s multivitamin is available exclusively from their own website where you can read more about this great supplement.

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Vega Sport’s Pro B Complex

This is one of the most important when it comes to stimulating energy in the body. The vitamins packed into their gluten free capsules, support the immune system and help the body convert food into energy. Each capsule contains a whole variety of vitamins including vitamin B12!

Vega supplements are available from their website and on Amazon.

Image Credit Vega

Revive by Clean

Green is usually a vegan’s favourite colour. If it’s not, then green foods are definitely their favourite food! With the use of stevia leaf, the supplement has a subtle sweetness to it along with a fruity flavour. Easy to add in your juices and smoothies, Revive is a nice little boost of vitamins and nutrients in your day. The superfood powder is great for times when you are not able to get the daily recommended amount of greens.

Revive superfood powder is available exclusively on the Clean Programme website, which can be bought alone or as part of their great 21-day detox program.

Ora Organic Vegan Vitamin D

Ora proudly present the first organic vegan vitamin D tablets. As one of the most studied vitamins, D, has been known for its effectiveness in preventing cold and flu. Each tablet made sustainably containing 2000 IU, includes sunflower letching to help increase absorption. Vitamin D, usually is produced by the body from being out in the sun. It is during the winter seasons, when sunlight is minimal, a vitamin D supplement can help fill the gap. Many vitamin D tablets, are not vegan as they use the by-product of grease from sheep’s wool. This makes Ora’s tablets, a rare gem for the vegans out there.

Ora’s vitamin D tablets are available from their website and on Amazon.

Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion

Something different here, not a tablet, but a serum to apply to the skin. Boasting incredible natural oils, which will provide the face with essential vitamins. Rosehip seed oil, helps to provide the skin with vitamins A, C & E. The serum will ensure your skin will be left feeling nourished and smooth. Proud to be vegan and free of any parabens, this is a delight for everyone living a cruelty free life.

The serum is available from The Detox Market, one of our favourite online marketplaces for cruelty free cosmetics, and on Amazon.

Shine by Clean

As always, Clean, are proud to use the best natural and vegan ingredients in their supplements. Vitamin D supplements are good for use during the winter, when the sun isn’t out as much. This is the time of year where our body can lack the necessary amounts of Vitamin D. Shine Vitamin D tablets will help to improve arterial health, mood stability and bone density.

Shine vitamin D supplements available exclusively on the Clean Programme website

Image Credit Clean

Vega Sport’s Pro Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential nutrient needed for the body and in the diet, this vegan supplement or by increasing your daily intake of nuts and seeds can help promote this. Magnesium is known to help the body’s muscles work at their best point. Along with this, it can play an important role in absorbing other minerals in the body such as calcium.

Vega’s Pro Magnesium tablets are available from their website and on Amazon.

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One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil

Another vitamin body product, from The Detox Market. This hydrating Vitamin C oil, will boost the radiance of your skin. The addition of green tea, will help hydrate and exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Requiring just a small amount to apply to the face, getting the best results applying it to damp skin.

The Vitamin C Body Oil is available from The Detox Market, one of our favourite online marketplaces for cruelty free cosmetics.

Image Credit The Detox Market

Vega Sport‘s Pro Beta Alanine

If you often experience muscle pain or other symptoms of fatigue, consider your beta-alanine intake. This supplements will help reduce the build up of lactic acid and slows the onset of muscle fatigue. Its consumption helps to recover muscles after training, studies have shown. Thus, if you want to improve your energy level in order to increase the number of exercises, Vega Sport supplements can help you.

Vega’s Pro Magnesium tablets are available from their website and on Amazon.

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Vitamins Friends Iron Vegan Gummies

Iron is a mineral that the body needs to produce red blood cells. Iron deficiency can result in fatigue and weakness. It is one of the most common nutritional deficiency encountered globally. Iron is traditionally believed to be found in non vegan foods, but for vegans you can find it in spinach, vegetables and even some seeds.

Vitamin Friends gummies are available from Vitacost, an online health store, and on Amazon.

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