These People Realizes They Became Instant Viral Memes Overnight

Social media platforms are flooded with memes these days. You can even find them all over the internet. Memes feature hilarious real people or animals, usually with funny captions and images. But have you ever wondered who these individuals are that got turned into a meme? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Success Kid

For sure, you have seen this meme, an adorable toddler with a fist of sand and a determined look on his face says it all. The “Success Kid” is Sam Griner. This meme came into existence in 2007 when Laney Griner posted a photo of her son on Flickr. Sam was trying to eat sand, and the image became the famous “I Hate Sandcastles” meme until people started calling it the “Success Kid” meme.

Disaster Girl

The iconic picture of little Zoe Roth gave a ‘face’ on the camera while firefighters were c controlling the blaze in the background. Zoe is grown up now, but her meme from 2004 is still circulating today. She is currently living away from the internet with family and friends.

Side-Eyeing Chloe

Chloe went viral back in 2013 after KAftC of YouTube posted a video of her giving a side-eye. The “Lily’s Disneyland Suprise… AGAIN” video went viral. As it turned out, this video was of Chloe giving a straight face upon hearing the news of a surprise trip while on her way to school.

Blinking White Guy

The iconic GIF of Drew Scanlon is viral online. This one-second clip was shot in 2013 when Drew worked as a video producer at the Gaming Bomb. During one of their gaming sessions, Drew was watching his editor-in-chief play Starbound. Drew’s hilarious reaction to what his editor has said quickly became famous.

Harold Hiding The Pain

This meme that features a guy who looks like he’s suppressing the pain while giving a smile is not really Harold. He is András Arató. This meme earned him the chance to be the dace of Coca-Cola in Hungary in 2020. Now living in Budapest with his wife and son, András Arató also starred in the Masked Singer, Hungary version.

You can find funny memes everywhere. There’s no doubt that you, too, have used them to express a hilarious situation that you are in. The pictures are enough to make someone’s day better. So share one today, put a smile on someone’s face, and make a difference.


Main Factors to Remember When Choosing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is an open-source content management system that you can install on your web host. In other words, it’s the simplest way for you to create your own website or blog. That’s why most startups use WordPress to power their websites, and over 43% in today’s world use WP. But if you want your website to be popular and functional, you’ll need to use a wordpress theme. It’s a template system that can make your website have that glow that can capture the attention of your website visitors. But there are factors you must consider when choosing a suitable theme. Let’s understand more about these factors below.

Determine the Features You Want

Let’s say your website is all about your restaurant business, then you must look for features that will make the website look professional and says food all over. You must make a list of the crucial elements that your website will use and determine which features you know you can live without. In searching the WordPress Themes, you want to use, make sure to make use of the WordPress Feature Filter to customize your search based on the features you want. Some features include translation-ready and a flexible header. Also, keep in mind the design you’re looking for.

Don’t Choose a Cluttered Theme

The last thing you want your website to look cluttered with features. It might scare away your website visitors because it seems hard to navigate. Yes, you might want a theme that’s full of rich features. But it can hurt you in the long run because it might affect the performance of your website. You don’t need to install all features that you think are cool. Remember, simplicity is the norm in today’s world. Plus, developers will have difficulty creating a more secure website since the primary focus is not security but performing a specific function for the feature.

Make Sure to Choose an Easy-to-Use Theme

The most important thing you must consider is choosing a responsive theme, which makes your website easy to use. A responsive theme is something that you can use on a desktop and on different devices. It has to be compatible with any device, so your website visitors can easily open your site anytime they need it. You can start by looking for features that have a fluid site grid and flexible images, which can easily translate to non-desktop devices. Your website must transform quickly on any device without hiccups and loading slowly.

Using Metal Business Cards to Entice Venture Capitalists

The manner in which businesses tend to operate in this modern day and age is quite different from how things used to be. While you can still open an old fashioned store and use it to spend your time earning the maximum possible amount of money, a much better option for you to explore would involve getting into a startup once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that startups tend to be really valuable, but in order to make them worth your while you will have to entice a few venture capitalists into investing in your business.

There are a lot of different things that you would need to do in order to make these people want to put money towards giving you a leg up in the world of business, not the least of which is giving them Metal Business Kards. You need to convince them that the idea that you have is one that no one else could ever have thought of, and perhaps even more importantly you would have to show them that this idea actually possesses real world value and can make people’s lives better than might have been the case otherwise.

A metal business card definitely sends the right message because it can tell all of the people that you would be proposing your idea to that they can trust you with their investment. Eventually they would be cashing in their stake in your company, and when that happens they would be glad that they gave you a chance. Using professional business cards is something that can help you establish that sort of trust.

All about backflow prevention and solution

Obviously no people will be interested in experiencing the issues of backflow in their plumbing. But unfortunately because of their careless or because of their unawareness they tend to get exposed to this kind of issue more easily than they sound to be. One must always remember that rather than fixing the backwater issues, they can initiate better steps to prevent these issues in advance. In order to get engaged in effective backflow prevention they can depend upon the plumbing experts in the market.

hot water installation melbourne

Regular maintenance

Regularly maintaining the plumbing line is the best way to prevent the backflow prevention to a greater extent. It is to be noted that there are many devices in the market that can be used for preventing backflow. One can utilize these devices at the best and can avoid backflow issues at the best. Along with this for regular maintenance one can also approach the plumbing experts. They will arrive for regular inspection and will help in maintaining the plumbing lines without any constraint. In case, fi the experts tend to point out any kind of blocks or other kind of issues during the inspection, they will fix it immediately.


While considering the solution, it is always better to approach the backflow prevention Melbourne experts rather than initiating effort on their own. The experts will provide the best solution according to the problem. This is because the reason for backflow will not be same in all the cases. This is the reason why the experts tend to analyze the actual problem and tend to provide the best solution according to it. The other important reason to hire these experts is hiring them is always risk free as they have the most advanced devices for fixing the backflow issues in the right way.

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